Project: Wolf

Berge, Lars
Swedish title
Non Fiction \ Narrative non-fiction & Essays
Pub Date
Jun 12, 2018

More than 4 000 copies sold in Sweden in a month!

This is not a book about wolves. Neither is it a natural science title. It’s a narrative about mankind; human obsession, greed and ambition. And the entirely avoidable attack where a woman was killed and mauled by wolves, in modern day Sweden.

17th of June 2012, at 11.18 am a young woman is found dead inside the wolf enclosure at Kolmården Wildlife Park, Sweden. The 30-year-old licensed wolf guide had earlier that morning entered the pen alone, when the wolves suddenly attacked her, dragged her to the ground and killed her. She then lay undiscovered among the wolves for several hours before the alarm was raised.

The question of what really happened inside the enclosure on the fateful day has gone unanswered. So has the mystery of how the near extinct Swedish wolf could suddenly make a come-back in large numbers in the Swedish forests in the mid-1980s.

PROJECT: WOLF is not a natural science book. It’s not a book about the Scandinavian wolf. It’s a story about mankind; human obsession, greed and ambition. But also a book about individuals who wanted to do good. Who wanted to save the world.

It’s a book that tells the story of how nature and large predators became an entertainment industry. It’s a book about humanity’s wish to control nature.

But most of all, it’s a book about humanity, our place at the top of the food chain, and our sometimes warped relationship with nature and animals around us.

‘A spectacular piece of journalism: informative, immersive and distressing.’ --Smålandsposten

‘A page-turner that shakes the ground under your feet.’ --Expressen

PROJECT WOLF is not reportage about wolves, it’s a book about humanity, and its desire to control nature.’ --Upsala Nya Tidning