Sleep, sleep, sleep

Benedict, Christian
Tunberger, Minna
Petterson, Sara
Swedish title
Sömn, sömn, sömn
Non Fiction \ Psychology & Health
Pub Date
Nov 06, 2018
148x210 mm, 176 pages

Exercise and healthy food are all very well, but sleep is just as important for your health. In fact it affects your weight and mental well-being and reduces the risk of everything from colds to cancer. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep teaches you everything you need to know about this very important subject, which is highly relevant now when stress, sedentary lifestyles and smart phones have a negative affect on how well you sleep.

Together with journalist Minna Tunberger, sleep researcher Christian Benedict shares his exciting research into how a lack of sleep increases your appetite and how exposure to daylight improves your sleep and helps you to recover more quickly from serious illnesses. He writes about the digital revolution and how exposure to blue light interferes with sleep, creating stress and causing an entire generation to suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. The book also tells you about how REM sleep improves your understanding of your own and others’ feelings and contributes towards improved mental health. And as if that’s not enough, you will also find out how the all-important state of deep sleep strengthens your immune system and helps you to solve problems, recharge your brain’s battery and improve your declarative memory.

A combination of interesting facts and inspirational tips and advice for those of you that want to improve your sleep and become happier, healthier, smarter and slimmer.