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    Kurran and Pigan's Winter Adventure

    Moroni, Lisa

    The first snow has just fallen in the woods where Kurran and Pigan live and it's changed everything. Pigan decides that she wants to stay awake this winter. She wants to experience snow and all the fun things that Kur ... Show Book

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    More Tales About Pelle No-Tail

    Rönn, Michael
    Rönn, Åsa
    Knutsson, Gösta

    Welcome to Uppsala’s world of cats.

    Three of Gösta Knutsson’s classic tales of friendship have been revised and illustrated for children of today. In Pelle No-Tail and the Dog Max, Pelle makes acquaintance wit ... Show Book

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    Monsters, Ghosts and Cinnamon Buns

    Jansson, Alexander

    Alexander Jansson has enthralled hundreds of thousands of fans across the world with his fantastic pictures. He has illustrated many books, but Monsters, Ghosts and Cinnamon Buns is the first book of his own. In this ... Show Book

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    Jan Lööf - A Collection

    Lööf, Jan

    This lavish and outstanding collection is a tribute to one of Sweden's biggest children's writers and illustrators.

    For more than 50 years, Jan Lööf has written and illustrated children's b ... Show Book

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    Who's Bothering Me?

    Wirsén, Stina

    Stina Wirsén’s beloved Who -series has a new generation of little ones. In this book we meet Little Dog who doesn’t feel like sharing his dad with someone else. Little Dog loves being with his dad. They ... Show Book

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    The Tale of the Wonderful Rabbit Family and Mr Grumpy

    Björnstjerna, Jonna

    Believe it or not - the wonderful rabbit family are back. This time in a rather scary adventure with rabbit-eating trolls and a grumpy man in the woods. A fun, exciting and slightly scary world of pictures for youngst ... Show Book

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