Young Adult

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    Baristas: The First Book

    Rudberg, Denise

    Three guys and a coffee bar. Welcome to the coffee bar which becomes Ludvig's, Nicolas' and Ruben's second home during an intensive autumn.

    Ludvig is in his first year at the Victor Rydberg sixth-form college in ... Show Book

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    Shadow Creatures

    Nordin, Magnus

    Love between a human and a werewolf - a matter of life and death.

    Daniel lives with his alcoholic father on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Near where they live is an abandoned house. There are many rum ... Show Book

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    The Voice of the Blood

    Nordin, Magnus

    They are the creation of a goddess and a human but the Gods pushed them away and the humans don't want them near. They have to live hidden from the humans, and still they are forced to live next to them or even among ... Show Book

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    The Mark of the Devil

    Nordin, Magnus

    The Mark of the Devilis an atmospheric thriller about a supply teacher who conceals an evil her pupils could never imagine beneath a well-organised exterior.

    One day troublesome Class 9c in Katarina Schoo ... Show Book

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    The Moonlight Wolf

    Holm, Elvira Birgitta

    “Flee, Ylva Ulvsdotter, if you wish to go on living’ hissed Death. Since then I have been fleeing for my life."

    The year is 1342, and the plague is ravaging the land. Ylva, a girl who used to tend the cattle, re ... Show Book

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    The Secret of the Cabinet

    Widmark, Martin

    Martin Widmark, author of the immensely popular series featuring Lasse & Maja’s detective agency, publishes a novel for young people for the first time

    This is the novel Martin Widmark himself would have like to ... Show Book

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