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    Holmén, Martin

    The trilogy begins during the cold, dark autumn of the Kreuger Crash in 1932, while the finale takes place four years later. In each of the novels, Harry Kvist gets caught in the crossfire between powerful groupings a ... Show Book

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    The Gang

    Wennstam, Katarina

    Now they are all grown up with wives, careers, children. But they still get together, and back each other up, the guys who once upon a time made up The Group. Then one of them disappears, and lawyer Shirin Nouri is su ... Show Book

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    With No Human Value

    Rogneby, Jenny

    Over 120 000 copies sold in Sweden over the series!

    LEONA is a hardboiled Scandinavian crime series, filled with unexpected twists and turns, featuring an unusual heroine. LEONA makes for a grippin ... Show Book

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    Bengtsdotter, Lina

    Winner of the 2017 Crimetime Specsavers Award for Best Debut!

    Best selling debut of 2017, over 70 000 copies sold

    It is a hot summer when seventeen-year-old Annabelle disappears from the smal ... Show Book

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    There Are No Monsters

    Willén, Liselott

    After struggling with her university exams and a looming breakdown, Alice moves with her mother to the summerhouse by the sea they left more than ten years ago. They family haven’t been back to the house since that fa ... Show Book

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    The Promised Land

    Jungstedt, Mari

    The new series from the million-copy bestselling author
    Mari Jungstedt

    Set on the idyllic Canary Islands in the Atlantic off the African coast, Swedish journalist Sara Moberg and ... Show Book

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