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    The Eyes of Eugen Kallmann

    Nesser, Håkan

    The year is 1995. The scene: a secondary school in a town located deep in the vast woodlands of northern Sweden. The main cast of characters is comprised of a number of students, a few teachers, and a student counselo ... Show Book

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    The Other Face

    Jungstedt, Mari

    The designer and the father of four children, Henrik Dahlman is found murdered, naked and tied up, in his summerhouse in Ljugarn. When another family man becomes a victim to the same extreme violence Anders Knutas and ... Show Book

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    Holst, Petra

    When you become what you fear

    Liv lives with her husband Martin, and their 14-year twin daughters in an idyllic residential community in the south of Sweden. The tough years of early parenthood are ... Show Book

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    In Deep Water

    Rosman, Ann

    On 5th June 1916, the British warship HMS Hampshire goes down outside the Orkney Islands. The ship takes almost 700 men with her down into the deep, and according to unsubstantiated rumours, a precious cargo went with ... Show Book

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    All Means Allowed

    Rogneby, Jenny

    LEONA is a Scandinavian crime series about daring to break norms, difficult life-choices and shameless criminality set in Stockholm’s inner city.

    In LEONA - ALL MEANS NECESSARY a man blows himself up out ... Show Book

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